Changes in life on a girl’s transition to a woman

Humans are prone to many changing phases throughout life. A baby to a child to teenager, adult, then an old person. Lifespan of a person goes this way with most eminent changes observed with a girl’s transition to a woman, with much prominent physical, psychological and behavioural changes. 

A girl’s transition to a woman is where the personality, priorities and whole life is changed. This is a huge thing but how rapid this happens, a female herself might even not have acknowledged.

When does a girl’s transition to a woman starts ?

It initiates where a female enters into her professional life and ties up lifetime bonds. She welcomes success, love and relationships in the most joyful manner. These bonds and responsibilities move forward and reshape her life. They change the lazy mornings to rushing on morning alarms to complete household chores. Then head on for the external world. The campus lectures and gossip now turn to workplace tasks and meetings. Moreover, the evening hang outs move to family time and responsibilities. Late night movies and munching to preparations and closing all household tasks. 

To some it sounds way too tough and ‘busy’ but in this era we all are busy, whether it’s a girl involved in her studies and hangouts or a woman in her meetings and tasks.

A girl’s transition to a woman, is the building of a person, reshaping of a personality. Here with time and age, maturity and struggles are required. It requires building yourself and having reasons to live and relations to spend life with.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]“A woman determined to succeed in her life is unstoppable.” – Luffina Lourduraj[/blockquote]

girl's transition to a woman

Types of changes while a girl transitions to a woman

Psychological and behavioural changes 

Altering the way of life and living with your spouse and kids rather than parents and siblings. Building up and setting your home rather than assisting your mom. These changes make us think differently.

Prioritising and managing things differently alters our way of thinking and leads to psychological changes we experience being a woman.

Performing tasks in a different way, changes our way of life and also our behaviour at times. For example is how you value and treat your mother after becoming a mother yourself. We value this bond much more and for some it alters their behaviour completely with their parents.

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Physical changes

When viewing the life of celebrities have you ever noticed the female stars appearing completely different after marriage and kids as compared to the male ones? 

Just like the extent to which each of their lives are changed, each gender is physically changed the same way. We all need to maintain ourselves to stay and keep looking young and fresh. However, it is much difficult a female because she has to create a family and manage responsibilities and that’s where she transitions to a woman. It requires more effort to retain yourself at this phase and very few succeed on this and experience less physical changes.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]“Many people define beauty as skin deep, but I’ve found the beauty in physical and superficial changes that continue throughout the life of a woman.” – Alyscia Cunningham[/blockquote]

The psychological changes might not be that eminent without meeting someone in person, but the behavioural and physical ones are now much more noticeable due to social media. Numerous people are sharing their life stories, and we experience viewing the transitions in life of many people. Facing huge transformations for girls moving to new phases of life with changing priorities and appearances. This variation was not much noticeable a few years back. However, now social media portraying lives of many around us shows us many examples of girls reshaping to women.


Life is prone to changes throughout the lifespan of a person with the most eminent one for the women. They are responsible for managing and maintaining a household and creating and raising the family. A girl’s transition to a woman seems to be even more rapid in the current era as women are now thriving to flourish their careers as well. For some it is to do something for themselves and build up their personality while for some it is to stand parallel to their spouses and help build their house and nourish their family.

Another reason behind this rapid transition is that most girls are not subject to much responsibilities and duties unless they are tied to new relationships and with it comes controlling their house and creating family which requires much time and effort. Most of the ladies are so occupied in this phase that in a flashback of their memories they realise how they have transformed themselves and their lives.

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