Do opposite attract in a relationship?

Opposite attract and create bonds whether they are the ones between elements or humans. For instance, north and south poles or negative and positive charges. Likewise male and female genders, and the opposite attraction happens also in humans at times. 

This applies to relationships with partners as well. Therefore, we humans and animals attract opposite genders with feelings of love and intimacy.  That’s how the mechanism of nature is made from the bonding of opposite genders. 

Relationships with a partner are not only about the opposite gender. Every human have varying attitudes, character, personality traits and the strength of a relationship is highly dependent on how well the opposite traits go together.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8″]”A soulmate completes you, just like a jigsaw, they enter our life and fill the empty spaces with their varying attributes” – Unknown[/blockquote]

Opposite personality in a relationship

Introvert vs extrovert

Introverts prefer being home bound and find pleasure in internal activities. On the other hand, extrovert partner can make the introvert socialise well, meet and communicate with new people and gain confidence. Moreover, they have pleasure in mixing with people and get involved in outdoor activities also.

Extrovert partner gets good comfort time and ideas to spend time at home. For instance, watching movies or any other indoor activity with their introvert partner. Both opposites can support each other well.

However, imagine the boredom of two introverts not talking to each other and preferring to stay indoor or two extroverts irrespective of in-house comfort and activities. Being on the opposite side gives each other new and different ideas and exposures adding joy and happiness to life. There might be situations where the inbound person finds difficulty adjusting with their social partner but life exposure and experience makes things better with time. opposite attract

Spontaneous vs planner 

Things in life should to be properly structured, either the minor ones like daily routine tasks or major ones like future life plans.

It’s vital for at-least one person to be planned to manage things well. Both partners with the same trait may be very well organized but often face conflicts with opposing ideas in each other’s plans.

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Budgeter vs Splurged

Two splurges would shatter all earnings and be carefree about future aims. A budgeter might disagree with the splurge or vice versa creating conflicts.

Living together, the splurged may occasionally convince the budgeter to enjoy life without worries. Moreover, get insight from their partner on how to save money and be careful for future endeavours. 

Organized vs Disorganised

Two organized partners would have a perfect house with everything up to the best mark. However, one being organized would spend their half life trying to make the other organized as well and the other half making their partners things organized.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]“Marriage is usually turning one of the spouses into the other.” – Unknown[/blockquote]

Biased vs Confident

A perfect mix to support the partner when one is confident and the other is biased and insecure.

Peace lover vs Party lover 

A peace lover person opts a leisure time of long walks beside the beach with a person who prefers going to parties. The varying leisure options for both creates disagreement when opting for recreations. However, it makes each partner experience varying pastimes. Moreover, it gives the other person a different atmosphere and experience opposing their same rituals.

opposite attract

Realistic vs Dreamer

An imaginative person with fancy thoughts and on the other hand, an ambitious and determined partner may have conflicts. However, they can go well for future plans, where the dreamer has deep thoughts and imagination for the future and the realistic find actual ways to reach that place. 

High vs Low tolerant 

In a relationship, at least one partner should have good tolerance level. Life shows us many complications, bearing them together with patience and forbearance gives a pathway for all solutions. Arguments between the couple also require patience and tolerance. The better the tolerance level, the more it safeguards a relationship. 

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