5 Best Food Hacks to Help Busy Moms Quickly Set Dinner Table

Daily dinner preps can be a challenging task for busy and most particularly working moms. The time is limited, but trying on a few clever food hacks can make setting up the dinner table become a breeze. Let’s explore the 5 best food hacks to help busy moms quickly set up their dinner tables. 

Meal preps

The most effective and common food hack that also helps you keep organized and manage your kitchen the best. Meal preps involves half cooking, marinating or preparing meals in bulk and freezing them. Working on multiple dishes at the same time takes lesser time rather than multiple new dishes from scratch daily. Start by creating a weekly menu and make a detailed shopping list. Prepare the ingredients beforehand. Dedicate few hours of the weekend to prepare meals for the week like chop vegetables, marinate meats, half-cook grains and curry’s and freeze them. This way you can simultaneously work on de-freezing, adding spices and freezing the stuff and also clean up the mess all at once. The. Simply take the prepared jar, heat, grill or re-cook the half prepared food, set you table meanwhile and done. 

Slow Cooker Magic

Slow cookers are a new style kitchen appliance being a busy moms best friend. They greatly help prepare recipes with minimal preparation like stews, soups, and other recipes where you can add all ingredients together and let the slow cooker do its magic!

The effort it requires from a person is to just add all ingredients at once and set a timer. This kitchen appliance then makes delicious ready-to-serve meals itself. It greatly saves time and brings out flavourful and tender meals that everyone loves in the family.

One-Pot Wonder

One-pot meals greatly help reduce the mess and maximize efficiency while cooking meals. They help quickly prepare meals and use minimal utensils thereby minimizing the cleanup time. Pasta dishes, skillet meals, fried rice and other loaded meals in a single pan do wonders in one-pot or pan. They greatly help reduce the time spent washing pans and pots. 

Freezer-friendly Options

Meal prepping and freezing meals for the week is one best option for busy and working moms. A number of Freezer-friendly meals for the week days can be prepared over the weekend and be used over the busy days. Preparing multiple meals together greatly saves time. You can make lasagna, soups, marinated chicken or kebabs and even some curries over the weekend and freeze them. Then daily use it for the week, just warm, grill, or bake your freezer ones and enjoy them like freshly prepared ones. There are specific recipes that actually taste even better when prepared before hand, frozen and consumed later. Keep those on your bucket list and start incorporating this efficient way to prepare your dinner table quickly!

Time-Saving Appliances

Time saving appliances like blenders, pressure cookers, air fryer greatly ease lives of busy moms. They significantly reduce the cooking time, especially the one spent standing in front of the stove and stirring or flipping your food. 

Pressure cookers quickly tenderize all good ingredients, especially tenderizing meats and infused flavor in less fraction of time. 

Air fryers bring out crispy and flavorful dishes using minimum oil and cooking time. Moreover, you can add any item in an air fryer, set the time and temperature and even go to bed! It does its magic as per the instructions and stops itself after the meal is done. Check out some amazing air-fryer recipes in our previous articles.

Blenders are very helpful to make purées, curries, or even chopping vegetables, or lean meat. They reduce the cooking and cutting time and quickly bring the desired results be it meat, vegetables, or any purée you want to make. 


Setting  the dinner table doesn’t have to be a daunting task for busy moms. By using the five amazing food hacks mentioned above, setting the table can become a breeze. From meal planning and prepping to utilizing time-saving appliances, these hacks will help you greatly save time, reduce stress, and serve delicious meals to your family with ease.