25 Life-Changing Beauty Vaseline Hacks You Must Try

Vaseline is a cost effective beauty product with numerous benefits. You might have used it as a moisturizer, wound or rash healer. However, you may not be aware of the dozens of various ways to use the product. Let’s go through this article which will surely enforce you to get a handy Vaseline jar for wherever you go due to the versatile benefits it gives.

Vaseline as a Highlighter

A swipe of Vaseline on your cheekbones, or nose gives you the same highlighting effect, alongside a dewy and glossy look. The product is also used by top style icons like Zendaya and Kim Kardashian, so why go for a $30 highlighter, when getting proven better results from this handy $2 product.

The Perfect Lip Gloss

Vaseline works as a perfect lip balm. A pinch of it applied to your lips, makes them soft, moisturized, shiny and look attractive. This helps get a simple no makeup look and avoids use of expensive chemical filled lipsticks and glosses for lips.

Soothing your Feet

Vaseline helps tame even the gnarliest of cracked, dry heels and soles. You just need to apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your feet, cover with a pair of wooly socks, and leave it overnight. Continue doing it for a couple of days and feel the notable difference.

Vaseline as a Mascara

Get a clean mascara brush and apply some Vaseline to it. Swipe it the same way on your lashes as your mascara, and get the same look, that works even better on dark eyelashes. Apply it carefully to avoid getting into your eyes. Moreover, this hack moisturizes your lashes, easier to wipe off and also keeps the effect for longer.

The Best Moisturizer

Vaseline is one of the most effective moisturizer in the market. It can work on the skin surface, and also form a protective barrier, thereby preventing water to leave from your skin. It is an effective daily moisturizer for very dry skin.

Sooth Sore Piercings

This perfect moisturizer can be used for sore ear piercings. You just need to dip your earring tip into Vaseline and wear it like you normally do. The jelly on the tip with sooth your ear and avoid it from getting sore.

Soften a Stuck Ring

You may need to take off your damas or malabar ring at times and keep it safe. Wearing one for longer may make it stuck in your finger. Here too, Vaseline helps soften and take it out. You need to evenly apply Vaseline on the ring and your finger, then twist the ring back and forth and move it ahead. Gently do the process, and your ring will come out in few minutes.

Maintain Beautiful Cuticles

You will always want to retain your expensive manicure, and keep your nails fresh with beautiful cuticles. Simple apply Vaseline to your cuticles, and wear gloves for sometime. You can then wash off the excess part, and maintain soft beautiful hands.

Protective Layer for Hair Dyes

Hair dying is a common fashion trend, while many people can do it easily at home also. However, lack of expertise may cause the hair dye to come over your skin surface. You can apply a thin layer of hair dye to your skin to prevent it from staining from the dye.

A Perfect Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs help exfoliate your lips, remove dead cells, and make them healthy and clean. Vaseline and Epsom salt make a perfect DIY lip scrub. You can rub the mixture of a teaspoon of Vaseline and salt mixed together on your lips, and exfoliate the dry, and dead skin cells from it.

A Lipstick touch up to make it last longer

Give your matte lipstick color a perfect look by adding a layer of Vaseline on it using a lip brush. This will give your lipstick a glossy look, prevent the matte pigment from drying or fading your lips and also make your lipstick last for longer. Beauty sites like Bustle, Allure, Refinery29 have also been broadcasting about this Vaseline hack.

A Blackheads Remover

Simply apply Vaseline on the blackheads affected area and cover it up with a plastic wrap. Let the two set for a couple of hours, then after removing them, use your Q-tips and push the blackheads out, starting from the top and going down the bridge to the nostrils.

Sooth Nostrils Soreness

Cold or flu may leave your nose dry, itchy and red even after the ailment is gone. Use of Vaseline will sooth and heal your nostrils easily, as if you never had the cold and runny nose.

Remove Eyelash Glue

Vaseline will greatly help remove your favorite falsies from Huda beauty and also retain them for later use. Add it along the strip of the lashes, which loosens the glue so you can easily stripe off the lashes. The jelly helps you get rid of the pesky lash glue easily.

A Makeup Remover

As Vaseline is petroleum-based, it can dissolve almost all kind of makeup gently and simply. Morover, it is chemical free and safe to use around your eye area. It’s works well to remove waterproof mascara.

A Heat-Protector for Hair

Hair styling tools can heat damage your hair permanently as it permanently alters the protein bonds and cuticles of hair are heat damaged. All girls are fond of styling hair by using these tools. However we should apply a protective layer to prevent our hair from continuous damage. We can apply a thin layer of Vaseline to our hair strands before applying heating tools like a hair straightener. This prevents hair from getting too rough or dry from the heat.

Eliminate Razor Bumps

Irritation, or hard stiff skin after razor use is a common issue for most women. Applying a thick layer of Vaseline on your skin after shave will reduce skin redness and irritation immediately, deeply moisturize the skin, and also prevents razor bumps from forming.

Prevent Scabs from Opening

Vaseline is a good natural ointment for scabs. However it depends on the depth of the scar and skin type. But in any cases, applying Vaseline on a wound can prevent it from drying out and forming a crusty, thick scab. As per the American Academy of Dermatology (add backlink), if a wound is cleaned daily may not require antibacterial ointments. So, daily use of Vaseline on cleaned scabs can help cure them naturally and in lesser time.

Heals Itchiness from Bug Bites

Vaseline helps relieve the itching from mosquito bites. Apply a thin layer of vaseline on the bug bite, it will create a protection barrier and prevent the skin from irritation and itching. It may help reduces the itchiness, but does not has any specific properties to heal the inflammation or swelling from a bug bite. It helps soothe the skin and prevent scratching, that can further irritate the bug bite.

Soften Dry Scalp

A tiny amount of Vaseline combined with any oil can be applied to your scalp. It greatly helps moisturize dry scalp and help remove dandruff. However, ensure to use a very small amount of the product, as it is hard to remove.

Tame Uneven Eyebrows

Vaseline acts as an amazing eyebrow gel, helping take uneven eyebrows. It makes them slick back and set as per you want. It may also make your brows have a fuller look.

An Amazing Acne Face Mask

Vaseline can make an amazing face mask when combined with Healing Clay, and Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix a tablespoon of each of these ingredients and apply on your face. Apply it for fifteen minutes then rinse off. The Vaseline in here helps moisturize the skin and prevent acne breakouts.

Protect Skin from Cold Weather Chapping

Winters and cold weather often gets hard on your skin, leaving it dry and cracked. Use of Vaseline on wind chapped skin acts as a protective barrier to your cold wind exposed part of skin like face, lips and nose. It locks in moisture and shields your skin from cold and wind. Thereby keeping it stay soft and moisturized throughout dry cold winters.

Temporary Seal Split Ends

Vaseline quick fix is a good temporary solution to seal your split ends. You can rub a tiny amount of Vaseline between your fingers and gently apply to your split ends. It binds the split ends together like a glue, and makes your hair look healthier. Try this easy, cost-friendly trick for a sleek polished hair style without any hustle!

Prevent Blisters on Feet

Your new sneakers from Adidas might be super comfortable but the initial use might give you blisters in the first few uses. Applying Vaseline on your feet reduces friction between your feet and shoe, making the break-in period period more comfortable.