How Effective is Castor Oil for Hair Growth For Women

Healthy and lustrous hair is a common goal for every woman. Long and thick hair with strong locks are common hair goals, which makes people opt for many serums, vitamins, and natural remedies for hair health. The use of castor oil for hair growth is one such natural remedy. 

The oil is known for its purported benefits, and has been proved as a great solution for healthy hair in women. Castor oil is an inexpensive and widely-available oil. It is a vegetable oil that is derived from castor beans. Moreover it is rich in ricinolenic acid, that is a hydrating and nourishing fatty acid. 

Let’s explore the effectiveness of castor oil for hair growth and its potential benefits. 

Will castor oil boost hair growth?

The oil has specific anti-inflammatory properties that make it beneficial for people suffering from inflammatory hair loss. Let’s ponder over how the oil would befit hair growth.

Castor oil may indirectly assist in hair growth, but there is no such evidence that the oil when applied to hair or scalp will directly help in hair growth. Castor oil has many anti-inflammatory properties that includes high portions of omega 6s and 9s and even vitamin E. 

As the oil is supplied with rich vitamins, regular use of the oil along with other products proven for hair growth can yield positive hair growth results. 

The oil’s anti-inflammatory compositions makes it very useful for hair growth in people suffering from inflammatory hair loss. However, it may have least impact on severe male or female hair loss or nutritional hair loss problems. 

How often should you apply castor oil on hair or scalp?

The frequency of usage of the oil also defines its effectiveness. It is preferable to use the oil two to three times a week to see the actual results of the impact it has for healthy hair. However, you can also use it daily, while mixing with other oils like coconut or mustard oil, as it has a thick consistency and can create sticky buildups if used alone. You can massage the mixture of few drops of both oils on your scalp and leave them for 45 minutes to an hour. Then follow with a usual wash with shampoo and conditioner. Persistent use in this way may actually show up notable results.

Putting up castor oil in hair overnight 

Leaving up the oil in hair for more duration may maximize its benefits, but after a certain duration of around four to six hours, it may also break down and start collecting dead skin cells and debris. This may lead to skin inflammation and also hair breakage.

How long putting up castor oil is most effective?

Around 20-30 minutes after application, castor oil starts to lower inflammation and out-of-balance microbial which includes bacteria and fungus. It also start’s delivered hydrating omega fats by this time.

As for the hair growth, it may show positive results after six to eight weeks of continuous use in the same way. However the results will not last forever, persistent use of the oil makes a person get its benefits for the long run.

How does Castor Oil promotes Hair Growth?

The effectiveness of castor oil may vary among different individuals. The ricinoleic acid in the oil stimulates hair follicles and promotes blood circulation towards the scalp. The improved blood flow enhances nutrients delivery to hair follicles, and encourages hair growth. However, scientifically the direct effects of castor oil for hair growth are limited. 

What are the Moisturizing and Nourishing Properties of Castor Oil?

The oil has nourishing and moisturizing properties when used on hair and scalp. It also helps lock moisture and prevents dryness and hair breakage. Fatty acids in the oil hydrate the hair, keeping them smooth and shiny. Moreover, antioxidants in castor oil protect hair follicles from oxidative stress and therefore supports overall hair growth. 

How is castor oil effective against certain scalp conditions?

Healthy scalp promotes optimal hair growth. The anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties of castor oil aid in dealing with certain scalp conditions that often impede with hair growth. For example, dandruff or other scalp infections and inflammation lead to slower hair growth and hair loss. Castor oil usage helps alleviate these issues and create a better environment for proper hair growth. 


Castor oil is famous as a natural remedy for hair growth in women. It’s anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and moisturizing properties, and presence of fatty acids help reduce scalp conditions and promote hair growth and health. However, its effectiveness may vary from one person to another. This usually depends on the main reason behind their bad hair health and hair loss. If the factors are ones that can be solved by use of castor oil, then this oil is a great remedy for such people. Moreover consistent and continued use of the oil makes it more effective.