How to make bath time for kids fearless and fabulous?

Bathing is essential for all babies and its frequency increases as the baby grows. Newborns generally need a bath 2-3 times a week. Later on, after a few months it’s preferable to have a bath time for kids daily to make them feel fresh and clean. It relaxes the baby and usually gives a nice and pleasant nap time. 

Why kids often cry during bath time?

With growing age babies get aware of the things around them and mostly fear new and unwanted things. Therefore, it is a common thing that many kids get afraid of water flowing over them and cry a lot or run away during bath time. They cannot explain their feelings but this behaviour is usually because:

  • They are afraid of water 
  • Bothered by the water temperature
  • Fear of soap or water flowing into eyes
  • Scared of being slipped 
  • Tired or hungry 
  • Dislike bathing area

Tips to make bath time fearless

It usually takes time to understand the problem a baby is facing during bath time, because every child reacts in their own way. However following a few general measures during bath time for kids, we can avoid many problems and make it fabulous for the child. 

Setting and adjusting the water temperature

An optimal bath temperature is the most essential requirement for baby baths. Firstly, water should be warm enough to save the child from cold and chills. However, not too warm to burn their skin. The temperature should be adjusted and set to the most favourable one for the child. 

Use of shower caps 

Cleaning the hair mostly makes the water flow into the eyes and nose of the baby. As a result, giving them much discomfort. A cartoon theme shower cap with a shade on their face avoids the water reaching their face. The water flows on their sideways and the baby mostly enjoys the sideways flow of water.

Chose a time when they are fresh and happy

An already tired, hungry or sleepy baby would never enjoy their bath time. Since it’s a daily routine, it should be made interesting and entertaining for them. Setting a specific bath time when a kid is happy and fresh increases their interest for the bath time. 

Good Quality Tear-free Soap

Bad quality soap flowing into eyes bothers a kid. Moreover, it is not even good for their eyes. Special tear-free baby products should be used for them to assure their health and hygiene. 

Make it Playful

Babies get scared of every new thing they are exposed to. So, a small water bowl or tub can be given to them so they can see, feel and play with water and find it harmless. It will slowly remove the fear of water from them. 

Placing toys during bath time

Floating toys and small bathtubs can be very interesting for the kids. They can divert their mind and make them imitate you and bathe their toy creatures like you are bathing them. In short, small activities like these makes the bath session entertaining for them. 

Making the bath area comfortable

A watery and slippery bath area scares the kid and is not even safe for them. Proper bath tubs, stools, or other safety tools should be used during showers. It makes the child feel safe and a mother tension free for holding the child and also bathing side by side. 

Read their favourite poems

A favourite song, poem or music the child enjoys makes the bath time fabulous for the child. 

Make them clean themselves

Children like to imitate elders, they can be instructed to clean themselves similarly. They usually enjoy and also learn this way for how to bath themselves.