10 Easy Practices to Reduce Hair Breakage

Health of hair depend on the inner cuticle having overlapping scales that help keep the hair strands intact. If not stayed together, the scales fall apart and make your hair dry, lead them to damage and then eventually break away. Therefore dryness and frizz is one main reason for hair breaking. Hair Fall can be due to many different reasons. Let’s go through a few simple practices that can help reduce hair breakage.

Avoid Dryness and Frizz

Dry hair are one of the top reasons of hair damage and fall. This texture can be due to many factors, some weather conditions like dry or less humid weather, and even in excess heat.

In addition, always avoid using hot water to wash hair, as it may lead to damage or make them more dry. Use mild warm water instead.

If you have dry hair in the ends, apply more shampoo in scalp area and use a hair mask for the mid and ends side.

Properly use hair styling tools

Hair styling tools like a hair dryer, curling or straining irons can cause hair damage when used at high heat. Incorrect and persistent use of these tools might cause damage your hair cuticle from the high heat.

These styling tools usage should be limited to be used just once a week or two. In addition, you can select ceramic plates products as they heat up evenly and don’t require repeated use on same hair strands. For example a ceramic hair straightener heats up more evenly and helps get your hair done in less time and less usage of the tool. This helps reduce the heat damage from such tools.

Moreover, consider using a heat-protecting serum or spray before making them undergo such tools to reduce head damage.

Manage Stress

A natural and unwanted incomer in life, also puts its effects on your hair health.

There’s are many evidences that show direct links between stress and hair loss. Therefore, stress can lead to hair breakage. A common types of alopecia (check details) called Telogen Effluvium is caused by stress. It makes hair follicles get dormant, making the hair which are ongoing a growth cycle break away. This accompanies with even hair fall of old hair.

Controlling stress levels and such conditions can lead to healthier hair and reduce hair breakdown.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet and lifestyle is vital for your internal organs health as well as even for your hair, skin, and nails. There are certain vital nutrients that boost your hair growth and greatly prevent hair breakage.

Your regular diet should comprise of adequate protein amount, zinc, folic acid, iron, and folic acid for healthy hair.

Many vitamins and plant foods also improve hair health. Moreover these healthy nutrients are now bind in biotin supplements you might get at pharmacies. These greatly help reduce hair breakage. Get yourself started to feed on vital nutrients for healthy hair!

Avoid over washing hair

An oily skin means you are likely to have oily scalp with excess sebum. People with such condition often wash their hair more. However, you should always keep it a minimal of a hair wash once a day or in two days for healthy hair. The natural oil (or hair sebum) is necessary to keep hair intact and avoid dryness, which ultimately leads to hair fall.

Avoid over shampooing your hair. Most importantly if you have dry hair, try limiting your shampoo sessions every alternate day or better 2-3 times a week.

If you have oily skin, you’re also more likely to have excess sebum (natural oil) production in your scalp. This can lead to the temptation to wash your hair more often than you need to.

Moreover, gently shampoo your scalp and put conditioner in the ends to keep the hair intact and avoid breaking.

Properly towel dry hair

A usual practice is to towel dry out hair after a shower. Try keeping the drying motion soft and subtle, as it can break your wet hair. 

It’s better to tie up an absorbent towel around your hair which may slowly absorb the water without damaging your hair. 

Properly brush or comb hair

Avoiding excess and harsh brushing of your hair can help reduce hair breakage. 

An old 2009 clinical research indicated that less frequent hair brushing can lead to reduced hair loss in women. Most importantly, avoid brushing wet hair, as at that time they are weak and most vulnerable to hair fall. 

Moreover, make sure to use wide tooth combs and avoid using plastic bristles, these practices help prevent breakage.

Avoid Elastic hair ties

Using hair ties is a natural way to keep your hair intact. However be careful to not use the hair ties in a way that they pull your hair from scalp and hair cuticle. 

Try loosely tying your hair, and avoid rubber bands as they pull your hair from scalp, make them weak and then eventually fall. 

Frequent hair trims

Hair trims help keep your hair healthy and cuts of split ends. 

As for skin, exfoliation rejuvenates new skin, hair trims work similarly, for hair. Split ends in hair cuticle travel through the entire hair length and lead to hair breakage. 

It is recommended to get trims every 2-3 months for healthy hair growth and texture. Trimming works well even if you want to grow your hair long, it prevents hair from further damage and helps them grow well.

Get yourself checked for hypothyroidism

People might face extreme hair fall even after trying all practices to keep hair healthy and prevent breakage. If hair fall even continues after trying all the above measures. You should seek some medical aid and get yourself checked for hypothyroidism. 

It is a disorder when your thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone. The small gland plays a vital role in our body’s functions. It effects metabolism, heart rate and can even effect hair growth. 

Low thyroid levels in body lead to hair damage and breakage. Some symptoms of hypothyroid condition are drastic weight gain, low energy, depression, and excessive hair fall. If you notice such symptoms, get a thyroid check and proper medical aid.