Top Best Italian Food Websites and Blogs – 2023

Culinary enthusiasts are always fond of searching for the best and most authentic food recipes. Italian cuisine is one most loved by many people and cooking experts. It is much loved by people all over the world, due to the fresh ingredients, aromatic flavours, and colourful dishes. So, here’s a list of the Best Italian Food Websites for you to follow and try out their mouthwatering dishes.

1. Inside the rustic kitchen
The blog features numerous tried and tested, authentic and traditional Italian recipes recipes which involves making pasta from scratch quick dinner recipes.
2. Pinch of Italy
Pinch of Italy lists over 5,000 authentic Italian recipes segregated in sections as Italy’s regional or local cooking.
3. Vincenzos Plate
Vincenzos Plate lists the culinary traditions in Italy, and focuses on simple, and seasonal ingredients that make healthy and flavourful recipes.
4. An Italian in my Kitchen
An Italian in my Kitchen shares Authentic Italian Recipes that also includes desserts and appetizers.

5. The Pasta Project
The Pasta Project is a website where you will find only authentic Italian recipes and a variety of dried pasta shapes.
6. Nonnabox
Nonnabox is an amazing blog to discover the best traditional and regional Italian dishes.
7. Maria Liberati
Maria Liberati holds background in Italian Culinary and lists amazing Italian recipes with videos and images on the website.
8. The Guardian
The Guardian is an international journal with a section that lists about latest news and features from on Italian food and drinks.
9. Food Makers
Food Makers is an amazing website that lists multiple Italian recipes and stories of the protagonists of Food.

10. Ricetta lists fast and easy to make recipes, which includes Appetizers, Main Course Meals, Side Dishes and even Desserts. They have images and explanatory videos as well.