Countries that provide the Best Mental Health Care 

Mental health care is as important as physical health. However, mental peace and well-being are becoming a blessing. This is due to advancements, excessive gadget usage, extreme materialism, competition, and many more current factors. 

A peaceful environment, more surrounded by nature is good for mental health. Environments like these are rarely found these days. Therefore, it has impelled many countries to take action for better mental health care. Let’s ponder on how countries provide the best mental health care services.

Countries with Best Mental Health Care


The nation has a huge area of land with a very high percentage of green space. The rich forests and open atmosphere emits fresh gases. This makes people respire from the fresh green environment. These factors are very vital for mental wellbeing and relaxation. In addition to a rich outdoor atmosphere that promotes mental health, the country provides high-quality mental health care services to its residents. 

Sweden follows a proper healthcare system. General services are provided by the social welfare system. Treatment is by mental health providers. They use different screening instruments to identify depression risks and causes in people. 

The country has received a positive mental well-being score of around 7 out of ten. This is fairly higher than other European countries. 


Mental health treatment in Switzerland is provided by all public general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and private and residential clinics. These institutes are supported by the government and have relatively lower costs to treat mental disorders as compared to the United States. 

Swiss mental health care broadly covers every person in the country. They ensure that proper mental health care services are provided to psychiatric patients. They provide a high density of psychiatric facilities. Moreover, they maintain the prices, making them affordable for all residents. 

In addition to the services provided, the serene beauty of the country, high-class security measures and the calm environment is a great relief for psychiatric patients. It creates a relaxed environment and helps people stay away from the hustle and bustle of worldly matters. This is one of the reasons, the country is a great tourist attraction. As it gives visitors a relaxed atmosphere, when on vacation. 


The German health care system covers all mental illnesses. Their health insurance system, Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV) covers 88% of the population, all of which are provided with proper psychiatric services. 

They have a proper system for psychiatric patients. Consultation with a psychiatrist, diagnosis, appropriate therapy, and proper medication. Since the rate of mental disorders is getting higher in countries abroad. Mainly, because of drug addiction and alcohol, they even deal with patients with mental disorders in an emergency. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO). The country has 274 mental health care hospitals, 401 psychiatric units in general hospitals, and 63 mental health outpatient facilities. The country try’s hard to provide an extensive network and support program for people with mental illnesses. This makes them score 6.6 out of ten for their mental health care services. 

Some other countries, like Finland, Italy, Canada, The Netherlands, and France also score well for mental health care. There are several reasons behind this. Most rank well due to their lesser working hours, more break hours, and high amount of leisure time spent with family. These factors count a lot to boost and improve mental disorders. 

A natural environment with greenery around and mild temperatures are great therapy and help improve moods and mental disorders. Countries with such blessings can use these natural ingredients to treat mental patients. 

In addition, the scenic beauty of these nations, rich green environment, and nourishing weather are a great relief from stress and depression. These are the natural ingredients in life that can boost health and preferably improve mental disorders.