Which Country has the Best Health Care System?

Health care has always been a very vital part of everyone’s life. However, in the past 2 years, after the pandemic, it is been more vital now. New viruses are coming simultaneously and affecting different parts of the world. They have created a ritual for people to focus on their health and improve immunity. A strong healthcare system helps a lot to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Some countries offer high-end and specialized health care services, by providing cheap drugs and great services at public hospitals. The list below shows the top 5 countries with the best health care systems and a detail of the services provided by them. 

Countries with the best health care system

1. Japan

Japanese health care system focuses on preventive health by doing repetitive diagnoses instead of reactive health care. They provide free screening tests for their citizens to offer timely and regular check-ups and prevent diseases. Therefore, their life expectancy is high than in other nations. 

The doctors don’t focus much on repetitive learning or medical education. They do their best measures to avoid every illness. Their health care system covers the entire nation, physicians are spread throughout rural areas also. Moreover, employees of large, as well as small companies either get Social Health Insurance (SHI) or ​Japan National Health Insurance (NHI). Expats in the country can apply for their insurance cards after 3 months. However, for tourists, they would need their national healthcare cards in the country for medical emergencies. 

2. United Kingdom

The UK provides the National HealthCare System (NHS), giving free medical services to the public. Their medical services are for all residents, including the ex-pats in the country. It’s a system based on taxation. 

In addition to cost-effective medical support, the waiting time for appointments with General Physicians is very short, an average of 8-10 minutes. Surgery appointments can be done with online bookings.

3. Switzerland

The country’s health care system is a model to follow for others. They provide well-equipped and clean hospital services and options for the best doctor to choose from by the patient themselves. Moreover, emergency rooms are well maintained and not overcrowded. 

Private insurers provide basic services to all residents, regardless of their medical history or age. Basic insurances cover all general medical services, physiotherapy, pregnancy, preventive treatments, and accident cases. 

Their health care system provides patients with high-quality services, and assured coverage, and also prioritize patients’ choice.   

4. Netherlands

The Netherlands offers one of the most advanced and excellent standard health care systems. Doctors and specialists in the country provide on-call consultation as well as hospital visits. It helps minor matters to be discussed on the call. 

Medical emergencies don’t require any pre-registration. Medical insurance is obliged for all citizens of the country, otherwise, they are imposed heavy fines. This insures, that all citizens in the country get good medical care and do repetitive diagnoses and checkups. Tourists are also provided with temporary health insurance if they have their international insurance cards. Basic health insurance costs are low in the country as compared to other developed countries. This ensures that all residents avail all facilities. 

5. Sweden

The country provides an excellent health care system which is well recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Every resident can receive public medical facilities, which means ex-pats are also entitled to all services in the country. 

The country has comparatively reasonable waiting times. The public medical system is highly specialized, and residents won’t require private health care. The country spends a generous amount of 11.9% of its GDP on health care. It ensures the provision of proper and well-equipped services to its residents. 

Health care is a necessity for all and should be prioritized the most. Countries with well-equipped hospital machinery, clean and high standardized services with minimal costs for all the residents, have the best health care system.

Flexible basic insurance plans for the public, including foreigners and tourists, are provided by these countries. Medical emergencies are entirely free with proper care and treatment for all people. 

As to choosing the best from above, I would opt out of Japan on the top list. It focuses on a different plan and focuses on preventive care rather than reactive care. It avoids diseases and illnesses and ensures a healthy living population with a larger life expectancy. 

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