5 Best Ways to Enjoy Little Things in Life

Medical studies prove that people who value and enjoy little things in life often live longer. It makes their immune systems and hearts stronger.

We easily look forward to the major and big things in life. People experience that feeling of anticipation as they prepare for a wedding, look for a job promotion, or some huge gathering or family or friends event.

However, once they are over, we might feel emptiness until the next big event. While these events bring us short time happiness, they do little to inspire and give a feeling of pure and lasting joy.

Happiness more depends on things happening around us. If we enjoy little things, it makes us appreciate life in general. Without this appreciation for life, you might feel an emptiness and always seem to be looking for some unidentified thing that is lacking in your life. 

So, when you stop and consider the song of a bird that can be heard over the raindrops, you will realize that if a tiny being can sing through a storm, you can also experience happiness in the midst of your personal storms. Let’s read some best ways that can make you enjoy little things in life.

A Long Walk

A walk is an easy way to step out of the usual space and look for peace and pleasure in nature. It helps relieve stress and promotes positive vibes due to natural things around. For example, fresh air and sunlight.

Moving around plants and birds lets you walk in nature space. Parks with trees and blooming flowers are best for a lovely morning walk!

The beautiful surroundings give you calmness and happiness and maximize your pleasure and joy for the walk.

Moreover, it boosts your health and helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Make it one of your daily essentials, that uplifts your mood and improves your health.

Bake or Cook

Food often brings a lot of joy into your daily life. It’s not just by eating, but also by preparing it. You can bake or cook your favorites to make your kitchen a happy place.

Baking is a form of craft, that makes us stay busy. Crafts help reduce stress and avoid anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms. Try baking a small cake or some cupcakes for someone special. It can become an exercise in mindfulness, and a key to appreciating little moments of life.


Stars are vast, not little. Stargazing is one little and peaceful thing. Take a few minutes, step out and look up at the sky. See how this small thing can create a great sense of joy and awe.

According to research in 2014, exploring the benefits of nighttime nature things, regular stargazers get positive emotions like peace and relaxation. Things like these make you more connected. to nature, which is a huge blessing in this growing artificial world!

Call someone

The digital world greatly beats telephone calls over WhatsApp messages. as the preferred form of communication.

Text messages are quicker and more convenient in this busy world. Phone calls that take longer can be challenging when you have other tasks to do.

However, the voice of a loved one, a close relative, or a friend is always a small pleasure we tend to overlook.

If we set aside 10 or 15 minutes of our day to call a family member or friend. Hearing them, and reminiscing old stories can bring us joy in a way that a text message won’t do so.


Research in 2020 shows that household gardening particularly for vegetables improves emotional wellness. It’s a simple activity that makes you serve nature and also seeds a plant to grow some vegetables for your home kitchen.

When you water your seedling and watch it grow into a flower, a fruit, or a vegetable, you can feel immensely rewarded. If your plant does produce edible items, you can save this as an achievement, and enjoy eating something you grew yourself!

Remember your science projects in school? Gathering soil and making plants grow with sunlight and water. Remind yourself of the happiness they. gave you, and give a try on this in-home activity.

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