How can DIY Activities and Crafts reduce Stress?

Art has moved to way more sectors in addition to paintings, sculpturing and drawings, as in the past. Evolution in life and art has changed the meaning and the reason to do art. However, not termed as art always, but a creation, a creativity by man who has insight and imagination of whatever they are doing. These are the crafts people do today.  The word covers a wide range of entities as we see creativity and imagination everywhere. Crafts is not just in the drawing and paintings, but we have it in decorating, baking, cooking, designing, and many other areas. All crafts reduce stress. They make us busy and bring out the creative person inside us. Moreover, they enable us to create unique and enchanting content, which is valued in the current world.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]“Craft is the vehicle for expressing your vision. Craft is the visible edge of art.” – David Bayles.” – Boris Pasternak” – Unknown[/blockquote]

Doing whatever you like with effort and giving off a presentation of the product as up to the finest degree is a craft. Our crafts are inventions by ourselves and make us feel content, giving a self satisfaction of doing what we like. Moreover, it makes us capable of creating something which gives us the passion to do it even better. Therefore, in giving out so much good to our mind and soul, crafts reduce stress.

Previously, used in traditional terms, crafts get mixed with ‘handicrafts’ which were man made things. Today in addition to the traditional products, humans are making a wide range of crafts.

Simple Crafts Activities


A variety of things can be done with the threads and cloth materials, these are often practiced by elderly ladies and housewives as a best spare time. Knitting sweaters and other accessories with wool and two needles, a simple and easy task giving off alluring winter wear, similar to crochet making. Therefore, cloth can be used in a variety of ways to stitch, create accessories, masks, bed covers, cushions and many other handcrafted products. 


Decoration ranges from home decoration, event decoration and many other areas. Event Decoration is getting common, where people use their crafting skills to create adorable masterpieces that stun the audience. The art and creativity of making decorations have evolved and now enable people to run event decoration businesses. They plan and organize huge events like birthdays and anniversaries. The profession has received much appreciation, with the use of crafts to produce alluring layouts. Therefore, these lay off the stress, engage a person in their spare-time and have helped people establish event decoration start-ups. 


Using just a pen and paper and printing the abstract puzzle inside you in an exquisite way. Designing can elevate normal painting by adding patterns to it. It’s the best way to mitigate agitation going inside oneself. Moreover it makes you get engaged in sequences and moves the stress away. 


A task to serve food which is now more a talent as we have special recipes and food presentations all created by us. The people who have this as their hobby love to spend their free time in it. They love cooking despite the tiredness in front of the stove. The craft gives them pleasure of bringing out the best of what they are making. It not only satisfies you to create what you like but gives an internal happiness of satisfying the taste buds of your family and friends. 


Basic bread, buns, fruit cakes to customized cakes. Crafting over this entity has made us make beautiful presentations of things we bake. Rolling up breads with twists and twirls and garnishing them. Moreover, making personalized cakes and depicting a variety of illustrations on a piece of cake!

Make-Up Artists

Makeup lovers produce amazing outputs for beautifying ideas. The makeup artists are imaginative people, showing their skills on someone’s face. Therefore, the amazing outcomes and appreciation makes the artists feel content and satisfied.


Handmade bracelets, bags, jewelry, cards, boards, piggy banks, decorated name alphabets and many other crafted pieces. Playing with colors and products, combining them to bring out a new creative product is much loved by many of us and we should also teach our children these DIY crafts.

Benefits of Crafts

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Involves playing with colors and products and with different options available enables an activity for people of all age groups and interests. It can be a pastime, profession, hobby or interest. The activity makes a person indulge so well in it that they forget their stress and tensions and thrive to give the best of what they are making.

Therefore, it resolves many of the mind related problems like stress and anxiety. It is considered a great heal for people in depression and grief and the outcomes it gives makes the person much pleased and prone to practice the activity again

Lead to Professionalism

Crafting is not only a substitute to stress and depression, but can also work as a long term solution to it. Particularly if the cause is business and financial matters. Making customised cakes, cards, decoration props, designing, cooking and representing various recipes, stitching and knitting clothes have evolved many professions and people are initiating start-ups of what they like.

We see a wide range of start-ups of make up artists, event decorators, home food providers, home bakers, customised cake makers, all are the advancement of people crafting their interest and reaching professionalism. 

Enhance Mood Naturally

Working on your hobby and spending time doing it is one of the best forms of entertainment. Moreover, with numerous benefits of doing that activity, would surely enhance every person’s mood. So these crafts are the natural ingredients in life for enriching and exciting your moods on even your smallest accomplishments. 

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8″]“Our crafts is the presentation of our capabilities.” – Unknown[/blockquote]

Improve Self-Efficiency and Ability 

Being able to create things builds in us a self esteem of doing projects ourselves. It makes us acknowledge that we are capable of doing something and strengthens our personality. 

Less exposure to Gadgets and Screens

Social media and scrolling has made us lie on our sofas and keep using our gadgets. It makes us lazy, affects our eyes and brains by making us get addicted to our phones. Crafting is the best solution to this, by making a person proactive and occupied.