Impact of SMART home technology trends on physical activity and mental health

The word SMART refers to a  “self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology” as said by Netlingo. It enforces automation in every task. Whether its a minor task to switch off the light bulb or a major one to provide online connectivity self-operable operations in factories and bulk production. Smart Home Technology ensures that human tasks are … Read more

Benefits of green leafy vegetables in diet to improve your health and wellness

A rich blend of green leafy vegetables in diet can improve health and wellness. An equal proportion of every nutrient in meals always contributes to a balanced diet and healthier lifestyle. Green leafy vegetables can be paired with a main course. They reduce the consumption of the main course food nutrients, and add in a … Read more

Does my child need counseling or comparison with others?

Child counseling should be the most important norm of every household. Many societies and homes portray the best people and compare themselves and their children to them. It is built in some of us and forced to be created by many elders for their young ones. We often think comparing our children with the best … Read more

Materialism as a societal value or a psychological need ?

What is Materialism? Materialism is a modernised societal origin. It represents evolution in people’s life. Influencers are people following modernised and up-to-date trends. They portray the best of their lives using valued products and services. Moreover, their life ought to be followed and practiced by many followers. People give significance to living a luxury lifestyle … Read more

Persistent healthy routine or strict diet plans

Health regulation and monitoring is a key requirement for every person with the foremost reason to prevent obesity and other related illnesses and to look fit and feel active. Maintaining weight is becoming difficult nowadays due to the automation in every sector. As a result, this reduces movement and activity. Moreover, rise of attractive eateries … Read more

Intermittent fasting effectiveness for weight loss maintenance

A very popular and latest diet trend that helps lose weight. In addition, it also improves health and fitness. Intermittent Fasting involves eating patterns based on your routine. It has a specific set of hours for fasting and a few hours to eat. Therefore, it naturally cuts down the number of meals consumed for a … Read more

The shift in perceptions on gender stereotypes over the past decade

Gender stereotypes originate from local culture and traditions. Being an advent of traditions, they vary amongst every community having different cultures across the world, where some countries urge for equality while some discriminate against women as being taking men’s place. Despite the differences, the rearmost decade depicts the highest change in gender stereotypes. What is … Read more

Parenting changes our life to betterment

People go through various phases in life resulting in changes within them with the most eminent one observed when one becomes a parent. Parenting affects a person on the whole giving them physical, behavioral, emotional, and social changes and making the little being the center of attraction and the topmost priority of all. With all … Read more