Exclusive Health Insurance for UAE Golden Visa holders

Alongside the many privileges for UAE Golden Visa Holders, another one is launched recently, as said by the CEO of DHA (Dubai Health Authority). A robust health insurance plan for Golden Visa holders will ensure their security and help plan their stay in the UAE for the next five to 10 years”.

The Golden Visa is granted to the elite class and highly professional people. They are expected to be the central pillars of the economy and growth within the country. People opt for better and more cost-effective medical facilities when moving to a country. Exclusive health insurance plans under the Daman package for Golden Visa holders increase their chances of living in the emirates and boost business and the economy.

Health Insurance Company that took the Initiative?

As said by Saleh Al Hashimi, CEO of DHA, a national company for health insurance, Daman, took this initiative. He expects others to also participate in this cause and introduce such offerings in the market. 

As said by the CEO of Daman, Hamad Al Mehyas to Gulf News, It is important to realize that Golden Visa holders are part of a wider initiative by the UAE to attract the best contributors to the country and enrich the talent pool. We are proud to take this initiative and allow Golden Visa holders to realize their unique positions and get avail of the exclusive plans offered them.  

Health Insurance Packages

Golden Visa holders are given an insurance coverage limit between AED 300,000to AED 20 million per annum. Their coverage network is all across the UAE and other continents as well, if they wish.  

There are three packages under the plan offered. 

  • Golden Visa Core Silver – premium starts at AED 2393 and the coverage limit is capped at AED 300,000 in the UAE. 
  • Golden Visa Enhanced Gold – premium starts at AED 4985 and the coverage limit is AED 2500,000. 
  • Golden Visa Premier – a premium of AED 39,857 per anum with a coverage limit of AED 20 million. 

Refer to the table on the Daman website showing Golden Visa Plans for complete details. 

Details for Health Insurance Plans

Age and Health Factors

Each plan applies to all Golden Visa holders and their dependents. However, age and health factors are to be considered. They are to be considered before determining the final premium. The plans can be renewed annually. 

Golden Visa Holders outside UAE

Many Golden Visa holders, for example, many stars and celebrities live outside the UAE. They can customize their health insurance plans and choose the category that fits worldwide coverage. 

Plan covering All Options

A single package with all options might release in the fourth quarter of 2022, as said by the National health insurance company. It will be more accessible, cost-effective, and have better coverage. 

How to apply for Health Insurance?

Applicants can apply for exclusive health insurance by visiting the official Daman website. They can also visit the the company’s branches and apply through a customer representative. 

In addition, they can apply through Daman’s virtual branch. The branch is named Hayakom, an Arabic word saying ‘everyone is welcome. As said by the CEO of Daman, it supports its efforts to maintain customer experience and make things convenient for them. Moreover, the digital offering by the company, for example, the mobile app, is unparallel to others in the country. It has various options, to track approvals, search for the nearest medical facility under your plan, and many other benefits.