Top 10 Fun Filled Indoor Games for Kids

Spending all day at home can be boring for kids and make them indulge in more screen bound activities. Consistent free and screen time is not beneficial for growing kids. They should indulge in fun activities and games to play at home to utilize their free time.  Let’s go through some Fun Filled Indoor Games for Kids for your little ones.

Indoor Games for Kids

Sock Toss

Sock toss is like an in-house basketball game. A bunch of socks tied together is used instead of the ball and a clothes hamper as the basket. 

The basket is placed at a specific distance where kids throw the socks or other small plastic items in the basket. The number of successive throws at different distances is a win for them. 

The game uses very few tools, just the basic things we have at home. Moreover, it’s exciting for the kid, to throw the items at varying distances and get scores. It is enjoyed by toddlers above 2 years and even older kids till ages 12-14. 

Building with Blocks

Blocks and puzzles excites kids and is a classic toy for all kids. They enjoy playing with colors and shapes and learn about them. 

Kids perform small building tasks. They do it with good insight and attention. This develops their creativity skill and adds a great activity to do at home. 

Treasure hunt

An in-house game where the parent or an elder can hide a few basic things in hidden places of the house. Kids then search for the hidden treasure using some hints and tips. 

Most kids enjoy this game and get motivated after successive wins in finding the treasure. It suits well for ages between 4-12 years. In addition, play it with your kid to find a lost in-home item and see your kid search every small corner and find the lost item!

Simon says

fun games to play at home with kids

A fun game mostly played by kids in the ’90s. It is a classic game and can also be played by all family members.

A person instructs kids to do a task as: “Simon says: Brush your teeth” or “Simon says: Wash your face”. The kids enjoy acting in each activity.

The game requires no tool, just a little space to play. 

Play-Dough Activities

Making small objects using colorful play dough is one exiting in-home activity. Kids can make different colorful shapes and things by molding and rolling the play dough. This also helps them to learn about shapes and colors.

Musical Chair

A game that requires some music and a few chairs placed in opposite directions. Kids of all age groups enjoy the game, even elders can get into it.

Players walk around the chairs while music is played and sit on them when it stops. The number of chairs is one less than the number of players. So on every round, one person skips out. Running around the chairs and grabbing your seat is the fun and exciting part. The person who sits on the last round wins the game. 


Any kind of sorting activity can be played as a game. For example, sorting same color balls, colored pencils, wardrobe items, books, etc. This game helps in a child’s cognitive development. They learn to assemble things well. 


A classic game that the entire family can play. There can be two teams, where one member from a team acts and their team guesses the character, song or movie, given by the other team.

The team with more correct guesses and lesser wrong ones wins the game.

Freeze and Dance

A little space and some music are required for the game. Kids dance when music is played and on turning off they should freeze. 

The game is similar to ‘statue’ played in the ’90s. It’s a great indoor physical activity and entertainment for kids using no extra tools. 


A yoga mat or towel with some comfortable clothing.  It is a fun way to move your body, and a regular yoga practice also improves wellbeing for kids. 

The activities listed above involve good physical activity. Adopting more physical indoor activities keeps kids busy and helps them stay active and energetic.