How does Health Insurance works for Expats?

Medical support and aid are vital needs for everyone. When moving to a new country, every individual is concerned about medical services. Especially in case of emergencies. Medical facilities are usually high for expats. It costs them huge sums of money for minor procedures or consultations. Therefore, Health insurance for expats is one important need.

The most vital factor to consider when relocating for employment or any other reasons is health insurance for expats at your new location. For example, elderly, married women, and children. This group of people is most in need of medical emergencies and requires timely and constant check-ups. 

Health Insurance companies create a legal contract with a person. The plan has an annual price. These companies have various medical centers under their panel. Therefore, based on the contract, they promise a health plan. The cost of medical check-ups and procedures is reduced under this plan.

Types of insurance vary. However, most companies cover:

  • Consultations,
  • Vaccinations,
  • Emergency,
  • Lab Tests,
  • Surgeries,
  • ICU stay,
  • Hospital admits stays. 

These are the vital medical requirements, a person may need anytime or anywhere. Therefore, health insurance companies for expats focus on covering all these to save a person’s life or improve their health. 

Other medical procedures, like dental alignments, weight loss surgeries, dermatology treatments, or experimental procedures are not essential for a person’s lifespan. Therefore, not supported by even the topmost Health insurance. 

Best Companies of International Health Insurance

People usually move to foreign countries in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the US, or Australia. The list below shows the topmost companies providing high-class health insurance for expats. 

Cigna International

Cigna global insurance has been the first company to offer global insurance to ex-pats. Initiated in 1792. It provides flexible options for a person to select the services they want. Therefore, the cost of insurance is adjusted accordingly. They offer coverage in almost all countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. 

The company has excellent services at competitive rates for Global Health Options Plan. The health insurance company, covers in-patient, out-patient, mental patients, day patients, cancer patients, and many more subgroups. 

Cigna Insurance Benefits include.

  • Easy and instant health support
  • Reimburse of claim in a maximum of 5 working days
  • Payment in more than 135 currencies
  • Flexibility to choose your services, and make your plan

IMG – International Medical Group

IMG is a US-based company that offers you three choices of plans: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. They have options of coverage areas as well. Either worldwide or all countries excluding the U.S, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Macau. These have expensive medical health support. So, a plan excluding them is more suitable for people looking for lower-cost health insurance. 

The health insurance company has three most popular plans, which are Global Medical Insurance, Global Mission Medical Insurance, and Global Crew Medical Insurance. 

Their ex-pat plan covers a wide range of services. However, expats above 60 should opt for other health insurances like Cigna or Allianz for better health services. 

Allianz Worldwide

Allianz is a very large European-based health insurance provider. Initiated in 1890. The company is experienced and has excellent medical network coverage. They are rated as high-class ex-pat insurers with three levels of care. Essential, Classic, and Premier. Their rates vary for the three options selected. 

The health insurance company is based in America, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe and provides worldwide operability. 

The company covers all hospital-related services. In addition, they have optional add-ons for maternity and dental care services. 

Bupa Global

Bupa has its headquarters in the UK. It operates from Australia, Latin America, EU countries, the Middle East, and Asia. They have their associate businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India. The company was initiated in 1947. 

Their health services include GP services, hospital visits, dental services, clinical care, and elderly care. They have different health care plans as per a customer’s needs. Bupa Global has worldwide coverage. It is their most superior plan. It costs around $33,000 annually.  


GeoBlue is a partner of Bupa. It has coverage for U.S citizens who travel abroad or people moving to the US. The insurance is specific for U.S citizens or people residing in the country. 

The company has different short-term and long-term plans, offering various services. GeoBlue Xplorer is their most popular plan. In addition, they have four more plans. The plans offer different levels of coverage. 

Expacare Global Healthcare

Expacare was initiated in London, in 1982. They provide international private medical insurance and ensure 24-hour medical services availability. 

The company offers a wide range of services. It gives good discounts of up to 25% to new members. In addition, they have partnered with Al Ain Ahlia insurance in the UAE. They provide Dubai and Abu Dhabi Health Authorities (DHA) approved medical services. 


AXA is a leading health insurance company. It has its headquarters in France and operates around the world. 

The company has five different insurance policies:

  • Standard, 
  • Foundation,
  • Comprehensive,
  • Prestige,
  • Prestige Plus

A customer can choose from the various plans above, and get the coverage listed in each. 

A Plus International

A Plus is an Asian health insurance company. It has partnered with AXA to provide global health care services. Their services give lifetime insurability, and 100% inpatient and outpatient coverage. 

The company has three main plans. The worldwide, Southeast Asian Plan, and EasyCare plan. Likewise, there are variations in coverage and prices in each one of them. 

All their plan provides flexibility in the choice of medical experts. In addition, they offer free medical advice, emergency evacuation, and freedom to move.  

In conclusion, to improve and maintain health and wellness, a person should know about the best health insurance companies. Most importantly, when it comes to living abroad. Therefore, it’s a necessary need for every person to know and have the best health insurance for expats to have full medical coverage.