Women’s health insurance texas

Health Insurance plans are important for every individual, most importantly for women. These plans cover the basic health issues. For example diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, gynecology, ovarian, breast cancer, or uterus tumor.  Women’s health insurance is essential as they bear more issues throughout life. For example, childbirth and fertility. They are common for every adult female. Therefore, women’s health insurance is expensive and supported in all countries.

Texas, in USA provides various health insurance plans for individuals and families. The plans are of different types. For example, short-term, long-term, individual or family, Medicare plan, and health insurance for multiple years. 

However, the state has a very high uninsured rate, specifically for women. It is around 23%. Uninsured women won’t receive the same care as compared to insured women. For example, repetitive and timely tests, ultrasounds, consultation, labor, procedures, and check-ups. Timely check-ups and screening are very necessary throughout the maternity phase. Lack of insurance and expensive medical check-ups can hinder this process. 

There are several medical aid programs in the State, especially for low-income individuals. 

Healthy Texas Women

Healthy Texas Women provides free health and family planning services to Women in Texas. 

The program targets women who don’t have health insurance. It provides many medical services and has an eligibility criteria. 

Services covered under the program.

  • Women’s health screening.
  • Pregnancy tests.
  • Pre-pregnancy screenings and consultation.
  • Diabetes screening and medication.
  • Mental health diagnosis and medication.
  • Breast cancer screenings and treatment.
  • Contraceptive control measures.

The eligibility criteria of the program have some specifications.

  • Must be a resident of Texas.
  • A US citizen or legal expat.
  • Without health insurance.
  • Aged between 15 to 44.
  • Earning less.

women's health insurance

Medicaid for Pregnant Women

The program provides free health services to pregnant women throughout maternity. In addition, they also give services up to two months of post-partum period. The program targets low-income women without insurance. 

Services covered under Medicaid for pregnant women.

  • Prenatal gynecologist visits.
  • Vitamins and supplements.
  • Labor, surgery, or delivery.
  • Post-partum check-ups, post-delivery. 

CHIP Perinatal

Most women in Texas cannot get into the Medicaid program. CHIP Perinatal is a program for pregnant women who cannot avail of the services under Medicaid. They also provide the same services that are under Medicaid. 

Similarly, as Medicaid, they cover all maternity related services.

Medicaid and CHIP Perinatal, both programs require the person to be a Texas resident, and a U.S citizen. To get into the Medicaid program, the person should be a qualified non-citizen. To get the CHIP Perinatal program, the person should not have any other health insurance. 

Both plans require family income details before registration. 

Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program:

The HIPP program is for people who have a family member using Medicaid or a person who has health insurance at work. However, they have a broader range of services as compared to Medicaid. For example, flexibility to choose your doctor. 

Texas Health Aetna

women's health insuranceTexas Health Aetna is a health innovation created by Texas Health and Aetna. Aetna is a health insurance company. it has created maternity programs under Texas Health Aetna, to Improve Women’s Health services in the state. 

Along with proper care, tests, and treatment. Texas Health Aetna provides pregnant women with consultation and guidelines throughout the maternity journey. They offer special services like.

  • Managing Rish Pregnancies.
  • Preparation and care classes for moms-to-be.
  • Baby care (post-partum) tips,
  • Support on post-partum blues

The group is run by experienced nurses. Their main focus is to provide specialized services to pregnant women. They cover all phases, prenatal, delivery, and post-partum. They even provide child immunization and vaccination services. Therefore, providing services beyond child-birth. 


An authorized federal government partner. They provide private health insurance services for individuals and families in Texas. They offer affordable plans from private insurers. Some health insurers under their panel are.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas,
  • Oscar Insurance Corporation,
  • Ambetter from Superior Health plan.

To sum up, the high uninsured rate for women in the state, urges private health providers, as mentioned above to work for women’s medical services. They provide flexible plans and target a specific group of women. The bodies are working to improve women’s health and provide medical services to low-income females, who cannot afford high-cost medical aid or don’t have health insurance. 

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