Healthier food alternatives in diet that add nutrition with taste!

Maintaining weight is the most vital aspect of being healthy. It saves us from many obesity-related illnesses. Emergence in science has developed many ways, diet plans, and medications to shed extra calories. Supplements and plans have their own importance, but for long-term usage and effectiveness, certain natural nutrients are very beneficial for weight loss. Healthier food alternatives serve in their own ways. Some burn fats at high rates. On the other hand, some suppress appetite. As a result, they make a person feel full by ingesting them. 

Diet shifts to only fruits or vegetables or other strict diets cannot be easily adopted by people. They don’t work for a lifetime. Food alternatives listed below have low-calorie and high-energy nutrients. They help a lot in weight loss plans.

Healthier food alternative - brown bread

Some healthier food alternatives

Brown Bread vs White Bread

Bread is a main food item present in many meals. It reduces energy level if not consumed for long.

Brown bread is made of whole wheat flour and has bran and germ which are removed from white bread which are made from refined wheat flour. White breads are softer to eat since they lack the fiber consuming nutrients. This makes them unhealthy for adults.

White bread is more processed than brown. It has a high glycemic index and high sugar level. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat for adults, diabetics and people losing weight.

Low glycemic index in brown bread decreases the sugar levels in them. It makes them healthier to consume than white bread. 

Bread is a basic food ingredient used in breakfast and evening snacks. We cannot eliminate it from our diet for long. So, switching to a healthier alternative is better. It makes us consume the same meals with healthier ingredients. Same goes with brown rice and brown roti (Arabic bread). They enable us to use the nutritious substitutes for our main course meals. 

Low fat vs Full Fat Dairy Products

Dairy products are used in many meals. Milk and yoghurt are the main foods in our diets. They are used in many things. For example, tea, coffee, sauces, marination, shakes, smoothies. They cannot be removed from our diet.

Milk and yoghurt products have specific vital nutrients that should be present in our diet to fulfil body requirements. Calcium is the main nutrient in dairy products (milk). It is essential for bone growth, development and strength. It should be present in the diet of everyone, particularly children, adults and women who get weak bones. In addition to calcium and other healthy nutrients, dairy products possess saturated fats which are unhealthy and contribute to heart diseases. 

Healthier food alternative - low fat milk

Fat-free or Low fat dairy products are easily available in the market. They can be consumed in place of full fat ones. They are similar in taste and less thick. Low fat dairy products enable us to ingest our staple foods with a balanced diet. Skimmed products are even better with no fat content in them.

Healthier food alternative - olive oil

Olive Oil vs Sunflower/Corn Oil

Oil is a basic ingredient to prepare main course meals, but is often termed as detrimental to health. It is preferred to be used in very small amounts.

Olive oil is a better alternative to any other oils for cooking. Moreover, it helps maintain cholesterol levels opposite other oils which raise it high. Other oils have less saturated fatty acids that are harmful. They can cause many diseases. 

Preparing meals uses less amount of oil. However, more is required for deep frying. The best alternative for it is air frying. Too much oil in our system can damage our arteries, heart, and many other internal organs. Moreover, it affects external organs and makes our skin oily and acne prone. 


The main staple foods in our diet and discussed above. Healthier alternatives to these help us maintain weight, diet and a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, they reduce risk of many diet related illnesses. There are a variety of other alternatives available in addition to these.

Gluten free products available in market are preferred by people with digestive and high blood glucose problems. Organic food comes from crops which grow without fertilisers, synthetic herbicides and pesticides. It is produced in a more natural way. However, it is expensive and easily goes bad and has no other proven health benefits in addition to its purely natural production. 

To sum up, eliminating basic food items from life is not an easy process. It requires proper diet plans and extra supplements by certified nutritionists. We need them to fulfil the need of removing vital nutrients we get from our daily intake. To adopt a diet with healthier and beneficial substitutes help us retain our health and fitness and fight illnesses.