Keto and Atkins Diet – Similarities and Differences

Keto and Atkins Diet are the same in terms of the processes they do for weight loss. However, Keto Diet is much more strict and should be continued for life long. On the other hand, Atkins, has different phases, with fast weight loss in the initial 2 weeks, and followed by maintenance for the rest. 

Keto and Atkins Diet – Similarities

Atkins is the best low carb diet for beginners, it is less strict and easier to maintain as compared to Keto. Both meal plans can be similar, since both do the same process of ketosis for weight loss and health maintenance.

In fact, Phase 1 (Induction) of the Atkins diet is much similar to the keto diet, as it restricts net carbs to 25 g per day. The same as required in Keto diet.

Keto – Atkins Meals

A Low carb diet plan works best for both diets. Meals in both diet are keto-friendly. So both plans can have similar meals. 

Examples of some Keto friendly Meals.

Low-calorie soups for weight loss

Low-carb grilled chicken in mushroom sauce

Low-carb kebabs meal

10 High-Protein, Low-Carb Breakfasts

Keto and Atkins Diet – Differences

Atkins is short with multiple phases. Keto stays for lifetime with strict rules.

Atkins has drastic weight loss in initial 2 weeks. Keto covers this in the initial first month.

Atkins meals allow minimal intake of healthy fiber rich carbs like whole wheat. Keto is a strict no to all forms of carbs.