Managing tasks to strengthen relationships

Enhancing ourselves and our lives requires polishing up the things and relations around us. Proper management and regulation are essential for many things. This is required to nurture, nutrify and strengthen relationships. 

The fast-paced era with high demands requires the fulfillment of all tasks in the best way possible. We have work, career, relationships, social networking, self grooming and a lot more major entities to focus on. Therefore, we need it all, to stay updated and aware of the rapid growth and development happening around us.

Why is it essential to strengthen relationships?

Maintaining relationships and giving the right time and priority to each of them is one of the vital tasks. It should not be overridden under our busy schedules. Everything requires time, management and focus to strengthen and be at its best. Similarly our relationships whether it’s with parents, spouse, siblings, children or friends also require time and priority. Giving time and value and forgiving shortcomings are the mains to strengthen relationships and on the whole every bond should be dealt with in its own way. 

How can we manage things to strengthen relationships?

To manage everything well we can create daily or weekly task schedules. Write down our main or critical tasks to be done followed up by the lesser priority ones which can also be overridden under certain circumstances. Our scheduling should give appropriate share to all relations surrounding us to manage them all at their best.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8″]”In a relationship, when communication starts to fade, everything else follows” – John Smith.[/blockquote]

Some relations require much time and effort to strengthen, especially the newly formed ones. However, for most people, new things attract the most so we do give time to our new relations, but often people forget our old ties. This is human nature. To live a peaceful and good life we should learn to balance things and also accept our relations giving time and attention to other people or things in life. Life cannot just revolve around one person; neither can it leave any vital person and give attention to other things.

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Direct and Vital Relations

  • A child should care, support and give time to our parents, especially when they are old and have spent their energy on us.
  • As a sibling, meeting, greeting, sharing things, thoughts and feelings with them nourishes our bond with them
  • A spouse should care, give time and support, share and value each other is equally required from both to retain the bond and keep it always happy and healthy.
  • Parents has the top most duties of all as it requires making up the child’s personality, character, teaching them the difference between right and wrong, caring, nurturing, protecting them and what not.

The direct bonds we come across in our lives should be on top priority in whichever phase we are in. Then we have other family members and friends entering our lives with whom we create our family and social bonds. Every relation should be given appropriate time and be managed well with our daily tasks to keep the bonds healthy and nourished. 

Writing and Scheduling Tasks

Task schedules help a lot to manage things properly and remember important tasks. Modern gadgets providing multi-task functionalities can be very helpful in this. As most of us love spending time on our smartphones so why not use them to remember things we often forget in their use. There are numerous apps allowing us to create schedules or to-do lists.

We can list down our tasks, prioritise each as per its importance and create reminders so we don’t forget any. This is a noticeable thing in today’s fast paced life, forgetting very minute things while getting indulged in some other tasks, whether it’s just a greeting message to someone. So the best way is to list down once something comes to mind. Some people write things to take notes, so it depends on our way of life, whatever we are more prone to books or gadgets we can use either way. 

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8″]”The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” –  Stephen Covey[/blockquote]

Writing things down has always been helpful, to some it seems a very small thing, but stating your thoughts, feelings and tasks helps a lot. A self-experienced thing is that our mind is different based on situations, some are more thoughtful while alone, some while walking, some before bed, some on travelling and a lot more variant times for all of us. We may come up with amazing ideas at any of these times which might not come when we sit to write something or do something. So whether it is to prioritise a task or to do something, writing what comes to our mind is a very productive thing and helps us manage relations, work and life in the most appropriate way.

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