How can Stem Cells be useful for Medical Treatments?

Stem cells have many benefits for the body. Research shows they can cure many incurable illnesses. They can divide and regenerate into any other cell. Therefore, they are beneficial for repairing damaged body tissues and organs.

Uses of Stem Cells

Tissue Regeneration

Body organs and tissues are subject to regeneration and rejuvenation throughout life. Therefore, tissue regeneration takes place when a body part is infected, injured, or needs to repair. The cells and tissues rejuvenate to repair the organ. The skin is an organ with multiple layers. It has a set of different types of cells and tissues. This organ is often subject to wear and tear. From the slightest injury to deep burns or surgeries. Skin cells are most subject to regeneration and rejuvenation. One of the skin layer consists epidermal stem cells.

Doctors have used these cells beneath the skin surface to make new skin tissues. The regenerated tissue can be used for different persons. These cells replace the burnt or damaged cells and tissues and make new skin grow back.

Brain Illness Treatment

Stem cells can cure brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These illnesses are caused due to damaged brain cells. These lead to uncontrolled muscle movements. Replacing damaged brain cells with these cells that rejuvenate and form new tissues can help cure such diseases.

Cardiovascular Treatments

Blood vessel blockage or damage is a root cause of cardiac illness. Stem cells can create new blood vessels!

In 2013, a team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital created blood vessels from human stem cells. The process takes almost 2 weeks and creates vessels similar to natural ones. The procedure can be very helpful in treating blood vessel and vascular-related diseases.

Blood Disease Treatments

Hematopoietic stem cells are found in bone marrow blood. They can produce all different types of blood cells. Therefore, these cells can be very helpful to treat blood diseases like Anemia and Leukemia. The stem cells can create red and white blood cells like the real ones and replace the damaged or deficient ones due to these diseases.

Cell Deficiency Therapy

Cell is the basic element that makes organs and tissues. Stem cells can regenerate and  replace any damaged tissue or organ in the body. Be it damaged heart tissue, third-degree deep burns, body mass affected by cancerous lumps, or any other life-threatening disease. Diseases which lower the cell count are very dangerous and often lethal. The usage of these cells in near future can help cure all such diseases. For example, it creates WBCs (White Blood Cells), when their count drops too low in dengue fever. Likewise, they can make RBCs (Red Blood cells) that help supply oxygen to all cells, tissues, and body organs and enable proper the body systems working and functionalities.

In conclusion, stem cells can replace any damaged cells, tissues, or organs, be it damaged blood vessels, skin, heart, or lung tissue.