The Dubai Run – world’s largest fun run

The Dubai Run was one mega event of the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2022. Started at dusk in a period of partial darkness and light. The participants witnessed one beautiful sunrise. Where the Sheikh Zayed road was filled with humans instead of cars. The event started on Sunday morning, the 20th of November 2022.

The marathon was Initiated by Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan at 4:30 am. There were multiple slots for the participants to get in. The first one starts at 4:30 am, whilst the last one at 7:30 am. It lasted up till 9:30 am.

The Dubai run – presented by Mai Dubai

The huge event took place due to the support of its partners. It was presented by Mai Dubai. Presenting multiple water stations throughout the routes, to keep the participants hydrated. Its association partners were Etisalat, Fitbit, Sun and Sand Sports, and Emaar. There were even many Government partners like the Dubai Police, DHA, and RTA, giving their best in services to make the event happen.

The Dubai Run – one large marathon

The Dubai run

Almost thousands of people participated. Covering the Sheikh Zayed Road, there were two runs, the 5km, and 10km walk. From The museum of the future to the Dubai mall the runners walked for 5 km.

Experienced runners and athletes opted more for the 10km route that goes to the Dubai Canal, loops back towards the World Trade Center, and ends at DIFC. The marathon counts as a record run where more than 193,000 runners joined the marathon!

Thousands of people in the marathon made the Sheikh Zayed Road light up in neon green, as the sun rose.

It was a fun run where the participants jog across the Museum of Future, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Opera. Moreover, the expert athletes in the 10km route passed across the Dubai Canal as well.

The Dubai Run – a fitness challenge

The Dubai run is not a race, but perhaps a fitness challenge. It is part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, which the Crown Prince of Dubai, SS Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum initiated to promote health and fitness in the city.
Many people alongside their friends, colleagues, and families walked for the marathon.

The event took place in the early morning and that too on a Sunday, weekend, or rest day. Despite this fact, thousands of people came up for the run. The marathon was to give importance to a healthy morning routine, workout, and promote a healthy lifestyle. It made people realize how much lifestyles helps boost our systems and keep us active and energetic throughout the day

Dubai is moving fast ahead in health and fitness. Becoming the top most in this sector. Events like this promote an active lifestyle in the city.

Alongside the fun run, the event was uplifted by background music, and incredible hosting commentary by famous personalities, the famous Lebanese star, Chris Fade, from the recent Netflix series – The Dubai Bling.