Understanding Mental Health – Anxiety and Depression

The difference between anxiety and depression is that one is an illness, while the other is a chronic condition.

Depression is a condition that may appear in many different forms, having varying affects on different persons.

Anxiety is an emotion that everyone can experience periodically. However, it may refer to several health conditions.

Some less prevalent disorders are included in the category of anxiety. Phobias and panic disorders are some examples of it. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is the most frequent forms of anxiety. In the United Kingdom, approximately four to five persons out of every hundred suffer from GAD. Both mental and physical symptoms can accompany GAD and depression.

Depression for two weeks or more is described as a poor mood or least interest in activities. These are core symptoms of depression. A person with depression may also have many other mood-related symptoms, like the one discussed below.

Mood-Related Depression Symptoms

Guilt or helplessness: Feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, or lack of confidence are all symptoms of low confidence.

Suicide or death thoughts: Excessive anxiety for a long period of time can create negative thoughts in mind.

Irritation or a sensation of being on edge: excessive concern about many common things for people having GAD.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Physical signs and symptoms

GAD and depression, have many physical symptoms like the following.

Weariness, Exhaustion, Being fidgety or unable to sit still is a sign of poor focus, Sleeping problems are also a sign of poor attention. However, both illnesses have their own set of physical symptoms.

Physical manifestations of depression include:

    Weight changes are frequently induced by changes in hunger, as well as reduced mobility.

    Muscular spasms and pains, as well as headaches, Sweating\dizziness, Bowel issues, Shortness of breath and a rapid pulse.

    Can Someone Have Both Anxiety and Depression?

    There are many differences between Depression and GAD. However, It is possible to face sadness and anxiety at the same time.

    More than half of the people who have GAD also have depression. Simultaneous and longer anxiety attacks may lead to depression.

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