Materialism – A Societal Value or a Psychological Need?

Materialism is a modernized societal origin. It represents evolution in people’s life. It can also be considered a psychological belief where some people follow the society giving precedence to material things over spiritual and ethereal things. In other words, it is the importance people put on material possessions. In short, Materialistic people are the ones who are obsessed with material things. They give significance to luxury and goods over realistic things, like obligations, feelings and relations. 

What causes Materialism?

Theories suggest materialistic behavior is observed in people by a leftover trait that had been once crucial to surviving. Our minds are impacted by brands, marketers and commercials, they mesmerize our brains. For instance, each of us based on our interests and focus area opt for specific brands and luxuries.

Material possession has grown within our minds since the past decade, and has become a communal matter by now. Society glorifies possession of valuable and luxurious items. The crave to have the most distinct and precious items from everyone else has moved us all to materialism.

People feel that they will get love, importance, status and acceptance by being unique.

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]The luxuries of the few were becoming the necessities of the many.” – “Flora Thompson[/blockquote]

Materialism is up-to varied levels in almost all of us. It is initiated as a psychological need to adore valuable and unique products. Moreover, it has given advent to brands making the most materialistic people highly brand conscious. In other words, restricting them to just that one special brand. This makes people exhibit their status and value in society.

What makes us Materialistic?

Emergence in fashion, electronics, living, accessories and products is done with latest ideas and trends. Every industry thrives at their best and also commercialize their products. They work hard to encourage the customer to opt for them.

The glowing blooms influence us the most and create in us a desire to go for the best choice. This demand can sometimes rise so high that it can give supremacy over spiritual and moral values. In short, it develops materialism in a person.

Advancement in societal values is justified. but our way of dealing with it should be controlled by ourselves. It is our work to create a healthy society and balance things at their best.

Valuable goods and their use is the right of all of us. However, the race to attain them has affected society in many ways. It has created the negative aspects and feelings like envy, jealousy and resentment.

Value and possession of goods and material things. Meanwhile, also keeping relations, feelings and other moral values balanced contributes to a healthy society. That is to say, we should adjust with simple things and also have a resistance to luxury. In some cases, people cannot attain luxuries. Therefore, we should adhere to self-control and avoid resentment in such cases. 

Materialism and Negative Aspects

Control over materialism and avoiding it to lead to negative aspects is in our own hands. Therefore, a person should stay content and grateful for the blessings they are bestowed with.

Materialism is a psychological need for many people. It can have adverse effects to society. In addition, it makes us strive to attain luxuries in any way. As a result, this creates an unhealthy society, if negative feelings are not controlled. This gives rise to ill thoughts and conflicts in relations.

Humans themselves can have control over negative feelings. Our mind and heart define our feelings. Therefore, the drawbacks of materialism and their negative aspects can be controlled by us.

Self-control, management and adopting worldly matters the right way keeps things balanced. It keeps society safe from the negative aspects of materialism.