Persistent Healthy Routine VS Strict Diet Plans

Health regulation and monitoring is a key requirement for every person with the foremost reason to prevent obesity and other related illnesses and to look fit and feel active. Maintaining weight is becoming difficult nowadays due to the automation in every sector. As a result, this reduces movement and activity. Moreover, rise of attractive eateries with tempting presentations, variety of food courses leads to more consumption of unhealthy and fast food.  A healthy daily routine id very essential for everyone to maintain weight and avoid illnesses. 

Why is a Healthy Daily Routine Important?

Rise in eateries and food recipes and a comfortable lifestyle is making us lazy and gain more weight. As a result, an increase in related health issues like obesity, diabetes, cardiac problems, blood pressure, stroke, and elevated cholesterol levels is getting very common. A healthy daily routine is essential to abstain from any such problem. 

When encountered with any obesity related illness or being close to a special event people usually opt for immediate weight loss plans to shed off many calories in less time. Many such strict diet plans are available online and go very successful with eminent results. 

Why avoid Strict Diet Plans?

Strict diet plans can be followed for a limited time span. The severe diet and workout rules working well in less time cannot be continued for a long term basis, because they affect your health. Consequently, lack of important nutrients can cause many problems and maintaining such routines for the long run cannot be managed properly. 

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]“Your journey to a healthier weight is not a journey that you start and then give up. It is a journey that you are living every day for the rest of your life.” – Thich Nhat Hanh[/blockquote]

The plans might give shocking results initially, giving us the desired look and feel. Since they are very strict. They limit food intakes and mostly move from main course meals to just fruits, vegetables and liquid alternatives. A person cannot be consistent with them. Moreover, on leaving them instantly many people gain back the entire weight and some even more.

Initial weight loss might be difficult. It can be reduced to a level with the help of diet plans, but at some point these plans should be replaced by healthy and beneficial alternatives. A healthy daily routine that can be practiced well throughout the lifespan. In addition to maintaining weight, also stabilize and balance other health issues. 

Each person’s body has separate needs. They vary more for opposite genders. We often notice every weight loss scheme is not applicable to each of us. Different things work for every one of us.

There are some common good practices of maintaining health and weight. Therefore, they should be observed solely by us to examine how well they help in maintaining our health. A set which suits your body and daily routine best can be chosen to add in your lifestyle with continuity. 

Daily Healthy Routine Tasks

Proper Sleep

Proper sleep timing has an important role for good health and well-being throughout a person’s life. Adequate and quality sleep at proper times protects a person’s physical and mental health. On the other hand, irregular sleep timings and lack of sleep causes many problems including weight gain. This has been observed in people with altering sleep and wake-up times.

Moreover, sleep deprivation releases the Ghrelin hormone more which tells the body to eat more, and subsequently decreases release of Leptin which tells the body to stop eating. Therefore increasing the appetite and food consumption routine and leading to weight gain. 

Earlier Dinner

Heavy dinner meals late at night and a bed time right after it makes us feel heavy. In addition, it doesn’t digest the food properly. A person should have dinner at least 2-3 hours before bed so the food in the stomach gets digested and moves to the small intestine. Bed time right after dinner doesn’t digest the food properly. It decreases the burn out rate of fats. As a result, accumulating them and leading to weight gains.

Avoid Late Night Cravings

People who stay up late at night often experience a sudden urge for food. As a result, we mostly snack on unhealthy or junk foods. These cravings incite our appetite and studies indicate they arise from the body’s internal circadian system. The system creates a surge to consume more starchy foods late in the evenings. We can suppress this appetite with healthy and low caloric alternatives. For example, dark chocolate, oats soups, greek yogurt, herbal teas, almonds, etc.  

Drink More

Water has always aided in weight loss and to suppress appetite. A diet with more energy consumed drinks like shakes and healthy smoothies. They have a mix of natural low caloric and fat losing ingredients. For example, detox drinks, herbal teas help very well as a substitute to high caloric solid food. 

Lower Sugar Intake

An overall cutdown of high sugar foods from diet, ones which we can be persistent on sheds some calories from everyday consumption. Useful alternatives like brown sugar, bread and rice, dark chocolate for sweet and sugar-free juices aids in maintaining sugar intake. 

Reduce Junk Food

Junk food often includes unhealthy ingredients like all-purpose flour, cheese, potatoes and much oil. These are all weight gaining elements. Reducing the intake of such food items and limiting them to specific times in a month helps regulate weight.  

Daily Walk

Physical activity aided with a proper diet is essential for a healthy daily routine and weight loss. A normal 30-40 minutes daily walk can burn calories and keep you active. In addition, it can enhance your health and well-being. The activity can be managed better, as compared to strict gym workouts.  

[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#7a637a” background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#c8a2c8”]“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” – Edward Stanley[/blockquote]

In conclusion, minor changes in a person’s routine contribute to a healthy daily routine and active lifestyle. It helps us maintain the excessive weight shed following any diet plans. Moreover, it befits our hard work for the long run. These practices are beneficial for prolonged time. They save us from health related diseases and boost our immunity against minor ailments.