How do the different Types of Foods we eat Speed up Metabolism?

Speed of Metabolism is the rate at which chemical reactions occur in your body. These processes, use up the food we eat as fuel to drive energy to our body. They burn calories and provide energy to our bodies, thereby aiding in weight loss. 

A faster metabolism has many benefits, for example, higher energy, a more active lifestyle, weight loss benefits, burns more calories while at rest, and better quality sleep. Many basic factors like age, gender, physical activity, health status, and body size determine the rate of metabolism. 

In addition, our eating style and type also affect the rate of metabolism. Let’s look at the types of foods that can speed up metabolism. 

Tips to Speed up Metabolism

Food Types

Our food intake can greatly affect the speed of metabolism. Taking in more protein raises our metabolism right after the meal. That’s why proteins are said to be energy drivers, as they raise our energy levels. 

Consuming plenty of protein at every meal raises the metabolism rate right after our meals. Protein causes the most rise in thermic-effect of food (TEF). This factor determines the use of extra calories to digest and absorb the food we eat. Since it uses more calories, it speeds up metabolism and results in more calorie breakdown, thereby also aiding in weight loss. 

Burning more calories results in more energy supplied to body cells. Since the cells are supplied with good energy. We get more feeling of fullness for a longer time. 

Food Flavor 

Spicy foods speed up our metabolism. Peppers contain the compound Capsaicin, which boosts our metabolism. Therefore spicy foods speed up metabolism. 

The research was done in 2016 on the effects of Capsaicin at normal levels. It reveals that more peppers in food, burn 10 extra calories per meal!

However spicy food might not be good for everyone. It also has many drawbacks.

Water intake

Drinking water can temporarily speed up metabolism. It makes a person stay filled. 

A review in 2013 indicates, that 500mL (17 ounces) of water raises resting metabolism by 30% for an hour. Therefore, keep drinking a small 500mL bottle every couple of hours to boost your metabolism!

drinks that speed up metabolismDrinks to consume

Warm drinks like green tea and oolong tea boost our metabolism. They increase fat burning by converting stored fats to free fatty acids. This raises fats breakdown and increases metabolism. 

However, some studies indicate green teas have little effect on metabolism, but that is also not for everyone. But, it does help in fat breakdown and helps reduce weight. 

Many types of teas are also good for Heart health. Find details of the Amazing Teas for Heart Health.

Coffee in drinks can significantly raise our metabolism. The caffeine in coffee helps temporarily boost metabolism, like green tea. 

Caffeinated drinks like coffee are great for fat burning and metabolism. They stimulate thermogenesis in the body. The process where the body creates more heat. It gives an extreme warming effect on some people. Thereby leads to the burning of more calories and a rise in metabolism. 

Exercise and Workout

All foods consumed, if paired with an active lifestyle, exercise, and work down greatly help speed up metabolism. High-Intensity workouts (HIIT) and Strength Training are good at even raising resting metabolism.