Impact of SMART Home Technology on Physical Activity and Mental Health

The word SMART refers to “Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology”. It enforces automation in every task. Whether its a minor task to switch off the light bulb or a major one to provide online connectivity self-operable operations in factories and bulk production.

Smart Home Technology ensures that human tasks are controlled by machines and devices. Therefore, it eases many minor and major tasks for people using the technology. For example, the Smart Phone being used by almost every individual on Earth. It provides extensive services in addition to its sole purpose of calling and connectivity. 

What is SMART Home Technology?

Smart Technologies can be applicable in every sector whether it’s an office, factory, home or school. Sensors monitoring the changes and performing required tasks makes the system work. As a result, Smart Home Technology provides control of electronic appliances, lights and thermostats all using a Smartphone. An entire home system can be controlled by the device. It provides comfort and less movement for people using it. 

Benefits of SMART Homes.

Emergence in technology has made it possible to use Smart technology at Homes. It has numerous benefits. 

Less duration and Effort

Control of numerous activities from a gadget in hand requires minimal effort. It saves a lot of time spent performing the tasks in actuality. For example, online grocery shopping provision has greatly reduced the duration and effort spent on going, selecting, adding items, standing in queue, billing and bringing your stuff back home. All steps are controlled by a few clicks from a smartphone with lesser duration and effort. 

Comfort and Convenience

Limiting human activity and involvement and completing things on a single tap or voice command has increased convenience in every task. It enforces a more comfortable way of living. Playing your favourite series with a voice command rather than to type the entire name on a Smart Television has raised comfort levels reducing irritability typing long names. 

Accuracy and Efficiency

Humans have different levels of intelligence or may make mistakes in understanding systems and performing tasks. Smart Technology ensures that automated systems are fed with accurate information. They have a huge knowledge base so they perform all tasks efficiently. 

Physical and Mental Health Changes

Automation in tasks upgrades comfort levels for people but has increasingly changed lifestyle and activity. 

Limited Activity 

Provision of necessities on doorstep with few taps on phone has greatly reduced physical activity and trips to stores. Remotes and devices actuating minor tasks is making people more a ‘couch potato’ and changing active lifestyle.  

Lack of Physical Interaction

Social Media has provided a massive networking channel where interaction with people farthest away and nearest to you is possible using smartphones. Firstly, extensive online interaction has highly limited physical interaction between people. Secondly, family or friends meet up for chit chat and laughter has now moved to WhatsApp group discussions and comments on memes. To sum up, a high rise for this type of interconnectivity has greatly changed our lifestyles. 

SMART Home Technology affects on Human Health and Activity

Active Lifestyle comes from workout and daily tasks both. Each minor activity we perform burns many calories making the wholesome an appreciable number to balance the calorie intake. 

Smart Home Technology trends have provided enormous benefits for human life and greatly cuts down the duration and cost spent on basic tasks, but side by side it is affecting active lifestyle. Monitoring and control of everyday basic tasks through gadgets have greatly limited human activity and movement.

Social interaction is more based through mobile phones with minimal physical meet-ups and discussions. As a result, high dependence on smartphones and gadgets has greatly raised our screen exposure that can affect mental health. 

Every innovation has its pros and cons and this gadget based control has limited activity and interaction which has changed our lifestyles. Moreover, a good balance between natural conventional ways and auto-generated solutions is very essential to make the most out of the technology trends.  

Extreme dependence and reliance on Smart Technology can limit our physical and mental abilities. Moreover, it can change our lifestyle leading to many health and fitness related problems. For example, people are now more engaged in gyms and training sessions to shed calories, because the count from daily tasks has greatly been reduced. 

In conclusion, a good balance of gadget based and natural solutions can help improve our way of lives. Slowly and steadily people are realising the importance of physical interaction. Above all, we should value traditional methods which are at times completely overlooked.

In short, a proper blend of digital and analog solutions can improve our way of lives and reduce the cons of smart home technology.