Basic chores for kids as a part of their better grooming

Growing children imitate behaviour and activities of people around them. Whether it’s a task, work, word spoken, or anything else, you will find most toddlers adopting habits. You would often find your little ones after you holding the kitchen utensils or setting up wardrobes with you. Although, it might be bothersome for some but in … Read more

The shift in perceptions on gender stereotypes over the past decade

Gender stereotypes originate from local culture and traditions. Being an advent of traditions, they vary amongst every community having different cultures across the world, where some countries urge for equality while some discriminate against women as being taking men’s place. Despite the differences, the rearmost decade depicts the highest change in gender stereotypes. What is … Read more

Managing tasks to strengthen relationships

Enhancing ourselves and our lives requires polishing up the things and relations around us. Proper management and regulation are essential for many things. This is required to nurture, nutrify and strengthen relationships.  The fast-paced era with high demands requires the fulfillment of all tasks in the best way possible. We have work, career, relationships, social … Read more

Do opposite attract in a relationship?

Opposite attract and create bonds whether they are the ones between elements or humans. For instance, north and south poles or negative and positive charges. Likewise male and female genders, and the opposite attraction happens also in humans at times.  This applies to relationships with partners as well. Therefore, we humans and animals attract opposite … Read more

Parenting changes our life to betterment

People go through various phases in life resulting in changes within them with the most eminent one observed when one becomes a parent. Parenting affects a person on the whole giving them physical, behavioral, emotional, and social changes and making the little being the center of attraction and the topmost priority of all. With all … Read more