How will the recent Abortion Legislation affect Health

The US has recently passed an abortion legislation ban that applies to many states. Abortion is willingly ending the pregnancy phase due to unwanted and unexpected pregnancy. Or at times due to specific health implications that may result in an unhealthy pregnancy. Therefore it can save a women’s life. On the other hand, having the … Read more

How much screen time should a child have

screen time

Even though some screen time can be informative, too much exposure to screens can have adverse side effects on your child. According to recent research from the University of California, Los Angeles, children are spending more time than ever in front of screens, which may be affecting their capacity to perceive emotions. Sixth-graders that went … Read more

10 Fun games to play at home with kids

Kids spend more time at home due to the chilly weather outside and new COVID variants coming up. Moreover, no school and online learning have increased indoor time, so there should be more fun games to play at home with kids. Spending the entire day at home makes the young ones very bored. Kids often … Read more

Does my child need counseling or comparison with others?

Child counseling should be the most important norm of every household. Many societies and homes portray the best people and compare themselves and their children to them. It is built in some of us and forced to be created by many elders for their young ones. We often think comparing our children with the best … Read more

Basic chores for kids as a part of their better grooming

Growing children imitate behaviour and activities of people around them. Whether it’s a task, work, word spoken, or anything else, you will find most toddlers adopting habits. You would often find your little ones after you holding the kitchen utensils or setting up wardrobes with you. Although, it might be bothersome for some but in … Read more

Parenting changes our life to betterment

People go through various phases in life resulting in changes within them with the most eminent one observed when one becomes a parent. Parenting affects a person on the whole giving them physical, behavioral, emotional, and social changes and making the little being the center of attraction and the topmost priority of all. With all … Read more